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Build your next app with A modern SaaS starter kit built with Next.js 14, tRPC, Prisma, Tailwind CSS and other awesome technologies.


This is a list of features that your app provides. It's a good idea to keep it short and to the point.

Time Travel Debugging

Find bugs before they happen! Our revolutionary time travel feature lets you preview your code in the future (or past) to fix bugs preemptively.

Coffee Mode

Activate Coffee Mode to increase productivity by 80%! Warning: does not substitute actual coffee.

Unicorn Mode

Engage Unicorn Mode for your UI themes to add sparkles, rainbows, and, occasionally, a unicorn or two prancing across your dashboard.

Cookie Generator

Every action triggers virtual cookies (not the tracking kind) that reward you with sweetness for every task completed.

Telepathic Support

Why type when you can think? Our telepathic support system understands your frustrations before you even express them.

Dance Break Alarm

Scheduled dance breaks to keep the team energized. When the alarm goes off, everyone dances, no exceptions!

You can use this section to highlight features of your product or service.